Area Energy & Electric, Inc. began as an electrical, heating and air conditioning contractor in 1983. Meet the eleven original employees of Area Energy & Electric, Inc. below. Photo taken October 10, 1983 when the business started.

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. takes great pride in their employees. Employees are the heart of their business and their loyalty make them what they are today. Many employees have been with Area Energy & Electric, Inc. for years and plan on retiring from there or have retired. Of the original eleven, only one person moved on.

Left to Right

Front Row: Phil Grillot (Deceased), Elmer Schlater (Founder, Vice President, Retired), Roger Mack (Retired), Dean Steinke (Retired), Ron Starrett (Retired)
Back Row: John Marx (Deceased), Earl Berning (Retired), Tim Dietz (Moved on), Mark Copeland (Current Employee), Bob Schmidt (Current Employee), Ken Schlater (Founder, President, Current Employee)

Since Area Energy & Electric, Inc. inception it has broadened its capabilities due to the market of demands. These demands have brought about a family of companies either expanded upon in divisions of Area Energy & Electric or companies purchased by them. The purchased companies continue to operate under the original company name and reputation. See the timeline below.

1983 | Area Energy & Electric, Inc.

Electrical & HVAC Contractor Specialists

An independent electrical, heating and air conditioning contractor with the corporate office in Sidney, Ohio. Servicing residential, commercial, industrial and institutional electrical, heating and cooling needs. With branch offices in Marysville, Columbus, Marion, Ohio and Greensburg, Indiana.

1986 | Area Energy & Electric, Inc.

Lighting Retrofit Specialists

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. added lighting retrofit capabilities to it's expanding services. Specializing in high performance lighting to optimize energy efficiency and maximize lighting output. Servicing commercial and industrial facilities with significant lighting benefits.

1995 | Area Wireless Superstore

Digital Communications Specialists

A division of Area Energy & Electric, Inc. A leading telecommunications partner with Verizon Wireless, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable. Providing top choices in wireless services for personal and business needs. Two storefronts located in Sidney, Ohio.

1998 | Ohio Valley Integration Services, Inc. - OVIS

Systems Integration Specialists

A low voltage, systems integration contracting firm specializing in the design, installation and service within the electronics field.